“The name alone conjures a big, vivid spirit, and that’s exactly whats on tap for Southern Intermission. Inspired by edgy Brits like Elvis Costello and XTC as much as local heroes Guy Clark and Steve Earle, this storytelling guitar player’s songs are imbued with a rareness that’s downright riveting!" Stephen Stone -Vintage Guitar Magazine

Gossip, Inspiration & Slander: A Double album, Vol.1 - Acoustic      Vol.2 - Electric.

“Clark’s singing and guitar playing easily rank with the top big-name country stars like Keith Urban and Brad Paisley." Tom Clarke - Elmore Magazine

Features: Chris Pandolfi (Infamous Stringdusters), Casey Dreissen (Bela Fleck), Bryn Davies (Tony Rice) and Matt Flinner (David Grier)!

"Wire and Wood" is the result of a multi-year collaboration exploring unique creative expressions of Erhu and Dobro.  It is a rare and wonderful mix of traditional folk instruments from both sides of the globe and will take you on a journey that blends improvisation, classical composition, spoken word and American minimalism with traditional Chinese culture.  This music has unique tone colors to inspire your imagination.  East truly meets West, creating a very beautiful experience!

Nebraska House: Songs inspired by the great plains.

"Clark has produced an impressive variety of songs that demonstrate his talent as guitarist, vocalist and producer, as band leader and solo artist. Better still, in the course of only one hundred minutes Clark explores the breadth and appeal of contemporary Americana, demonstrating he has every right to be considered among the best.” David Harry – Americana UK Magazine

Work Songs of Love: From LA to Arizona and back again.

“Clark’s music is a dazzling display of virtuosity.”

Chris Neal – Country Weekly Magazine

7 Secret Lives of Lucien Midnight:
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Join "Lucien" as he descends into madness and becomes 7 different personalities. Recorded LIVE in LA at the famed Zipper Hall, this recording blends classical composition, jazz, and electro acoustic elements into a surreal character that will leave you questioning sanity in delightful and mysterious ways. For fans of IVES, ZAPPA, BERIO, MINGUS, BILL EVANS, RAVEL, BARTOK, and STRAVINSKY.  CONTACT us directly for more info.

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